Lee Som by Kim Jiyang for Dazed and Confused December 2008

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We’re fascinated with Yago Hortal, bring the brights back.  Too much monochromatic and deep moods in the art world happens… at times you simply need to live in the brights and have fun with it all.  Refreshing.

How fun would this be as a print for lingerie?  Hmmm… it’s getting me inspired!

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Nature x Sensuality

Absolutely loving these gorgeous women butterfly! ‘Psyche‘ by German photographer Carsten Witte represents the whole kaleidoscope of varying aspects of female beauty – from airiness and vivacity to sensuality.  

Thank you Carsten, for showing all aspects of female beauty….

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» Nikki J's Scrapheap: Lady GaGa and why I ain't about her




  • She only cares about a very, very select part of the LGBT community (did anyone say gay white cis men?)
  • She proposed that she and Cher do a remix duet for “the gays” as though they’re a homogenous group who automatically like…
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Did Joss write in the shawarma scene? How did that come about?

The 1st gif on the bottom…row can we just …

I adore him.

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